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Levi Strauss Seeks Sustainable Supply Chain with Recycled Cotton

Levi Strauss is committed to manufacturing all of its denim from sustainable cotton by the year 2025. There is just one problem..the technology to produce quality denim from worn cotton has not been invented yet. Just a small percent of the cotton Levi’s uses comes from recycled sources, the majority comes from virgin cotton. The $4.5...


Made in New York Complex to Boost City’s Fashion and Film Industries

Earlier this week, New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city’s planned investment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn- a complex at Bush Terminal dedicated to New York’s garment and film industry. The Made in New York complex, part of the Sunset Park District Plan, led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), is...


Macy’s To Close 100 Stores, Focus on e-Commerce Development

Macy’s said it plans to close about 100 stores, or 14 percent of its store base, and would continue to seek partnerships for its flagship locations as it seeks to turn around its business after six quarters of falling sales. Department stores have been struggling with stiff competition from online and off-price retailers. They are...