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Fashion Brands’ Business Practices Undermining Progress on Ending Garment Worker Exploitation

Top fashion companies that are pledging to end worker exploitation in their global supply chains are hampering progress through their own irresponsible sourcing practices, concludes a new report on working conditions in the Southern Indian garment industry powerhouse. Short production windows, cost pressures and constant fluctuations in orders by brands and retail chains like Nike,...


How 21 Artists Graffitied One Man’s Property, Made It Famous, Sued Him When He Knocked It Down and Won $6.7m

It’s an extraordinary tale with a whiff of Banksy about it, although surprisingly, he was not involved. In a landmark ruling, 21 New York street artists have sued and won US$6.7m in damages from the owner of a building who destroyed their graffiti when he had the building demolished. Following a three-week trial in November,...


Architecture in 2018: Look to the Streets, Not the Sky

A decade after the global economic collapse, urban development is booming. This is good news for architects. Indeed, 2018 promises to be a favorable year for the profession: A spectacular array of sleek museums, posh hotels and some of the world’s tallest towers are slated for completion. But income inequality is on the rise in...


Exploring New York’s Subway Art

My home subway station is Kings Highway on the Brighton line, in southern Brooklyn, and served by the B and Q trains. The station has three entrances and typically when I enter or exit, I rush in or out. Sometimes I slow down and look at something on the station walls. I am quite familiar...