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What Ethical Models for Autonomous Vehicles Don’t Address – and How They Could Be Better

There’s a fairly large flaw in the way that programmers are currently addressing ethical concerns related to artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles (AVs). Namely, existing approaches don’t account for the fact that people might try to use the AVs to do something bad. For example, let’s say that there is an autonomous vehicle with...


On Eve of Super Tuesday, Study Sheds Light on How People Make Choices

On Super Tuesday, Democratic voters from Colorado and across the United States will face a serious decision: Sanders or Warren? Biden, Klobuchar or Bloomberg? Then, afterward, what kind of wine to drink. Now, a new study taps into mathematics to probe how people make those kinds of fraught choices–in particular, how hypothetical, and completely rational,...


The Truth Behind the Paris Agreement Climate Pledges

Only 28 European Union nations & 7 others will reduce emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 China & India, top emitters, will reduce emissions intensity, but their emissions will increase U.S., second top emitter, has reversed key national policies to combat climate change Almost 70 percent of the pledges rely on funding from...


What Is Pepper Spray?

Whether it’s walking down a dark street at night or fighting off grizzly bears on the trail, pepper spray is an effective tool to fend off an attacker and get safely away. But have you ever thought about what gives this personal-defense-in-a-can its bite – is it just weaponized hot sauce? The American Chemical Society...


AI Uncovers New Details About Old Master Paintings

Artificial intelligence has been used to analyse high-resolution digital x-ray images of the world famous Ghent Altarpiece, as part of an investigative project led by UCL. The finding is expected to improve our understanding of art masterpieces and provide new opportunities for art investigation, conservation and presentation. Researchers from the National Gallery, Duke University and...


Is It Really ‘Dry Clean Only’?

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of washing your clothes can be difficult, but chemistry has got your back. With a quick lesson in textile chemistry, you’ll be able to understand the different fabrics that make up your clothes. This week on Reactions, we’ll explore whether it’s safe to wash your favorite new shirt at home...