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In San Martín De Hidalgo, Beauty Exists Despite a Global Pandemic.

The town of San Martín de Hidalgo, just 100 Kilometers from Guadalajara, is immersed with colorful architecture, expansive pastures, and wonderful people. On assignment is photographer Alberto Magno, who captures the town in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Residents of the town still manage to carry out their daily tasks, but while face masks...


Food Waste in Tourism Is a Bigger Issue Than Previously Thought

There are major gaps in how food waste in tourism is understood and calculated, according to researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Southern California. Food waste originating from hotels, restaurants and events is recognized and can be estimated and calculated, but as the tourism industry is becoming more and more...


Scotland’s Genetic Landscape Echoes Dark Age Populations

The DNA of Scottish people still contains signs of the country’s ancient kingdoms, with many apparently living in the same areas as their ancestors did more than a millennium ago, a study shows. Experts have constructed Scotland’s first comprehensive genetic map, which reveals that the country is divided into six main clusters of genetically similar...


It Pays to Explore in Times of Uncertainty

When making choices, people tend either to go with what they know or try something new. We experience this trade-off every day, whether choosing a route to work or buying breakfast cereal. But does one strategy have an advantage over another? Researchers decided to examine this question by looking at fishing boat captains, who face...


Volunteer Tourism: What’s Wrong with It and How It Can Be Changed

Volunteer tourism, or voluntourism, is an emerging trend of travel linked to “doing good”. Yet these efforts to help people and the environment have come under heavy criticism – I believe for good reason. Voluntourists’ ability to change systems, alleviate poverty or provide support for vulnerable children is limited. They simply don’t have the skills....