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Not in Gotham Anymore: Bioethics of Treating a Torturer’s PTSD Explored in Comic Book Form

Those who study and treat disorders of the mind – such as neuroscientists, psychiatrists and therapists – are in a position of influence. Their decisions and actions have the potential to impact individuals at the deepest levels by affecting our memories and even how we see ourselves. Such professionals “…occupy positions of intellectual authority” as...


Media Portrayals of Black Men Contribute to Police Violence, Rutgers Study Says

Negative portrayals in the news media affect how police treat black men in the United States, according to a Rutgers School of Public Health study. The study appears in the book Research in Race and Ethnic Relations. The study was based on the premise that public perceptions of male dangerousness are a factor in influencing police...


What Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About Medical Marijuana

On Jan. 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, a 2013 document that limits federal enforcement of marijuana laws. This opens the door for a crackdown in the nine states with legal recreational marijuana. The Cole memo is one of two documents that prevent the U.S. Justice Department from treating marijuana as a...


Why Iran’s Protests Matter This Time

A series of urban uprisings in Iran that began on Dec. 28 in its second-largest city shocked the country’s Islamic regime, as well as much of the world. Although the Mashhad protests were spearheaded by conservative opponents of President Hassan Rouhani to discredit his economic policies, the organizers lost control of the crowd. Protesters angrily...