In San Martín De Hidalgo, Beauty Exists Despite a Global Pandemic.

The town of San Martín de Hidalgo, just 100 Kilometers from Guadalajara, is immersed with colorful architecture, expansive pastures, and wonderful people.

On assignment is photographer Alberto Magno, who captures the town in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Residents of the town still manage to carry out their daily tasks, but while face masks are present, so are visible smiles and laughs.


San Martín de Hidalgo is roughly 90km from Tequila. Agave fields are a presence just outside the city center.

We often forget that even small towns have to adjust to the Covid protocols.

San Martín de Hidalgo is named after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Spanish Roman Catholic priest, a leader of the Mexican War of Independence, and recognized as the Father of the Nation.

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