¿Que te inspira? + Boris Ostrerov

¿Que te inspira?

Rarely do we get to explore new original art. Most of the contemporary works we experience in galleries, museums, and private collections are heavily inspired by previously created works, which of course will inspire future artists. We met artist Boris Ostrerov over a decade ago and while he is consistent with his art, he continues to innovate and push boundaries with his style of squeezing thick raw paint onto surfaces confined by rectangular boundaries.

According to Boris, “this physicality prepares the viewer for exploration and discovery and hints at the layers of the human psyche.”

What inspires you? (¿Que te inspira?)

This painting was created by adding different types of markings, textures, and scraping off parts, and ripping off older layers of paint in places. This piece was an experimentation of texture and touch without a preconceived plan or destination. Like many exciting adventures, you don’t have a map, you take a risk and jump into the unknown and use your intuition to guide you until you come to something surprising and intriguing.

(Left) This painting was of an old failed painting that Boris tried to resurrect. Constructed and arranged marks to create a raw painting presentation. It is like a painting talent show that is exhibited spinning, jumping and zigzagging to show the viewer all that it can do. (right) Created by poking the surface with a brush loaded with greenish paint, Boris wanted to imbue the marks with an aggressive and cathartic attitude towards paint.

This visceral painting is about uncovering the layers below the surface metaphorically and literally and powerfully asserting oneself within the painting. Boris enjoyed the aggressive brush marks required to pierce and drag his brush over paint layers when creating this painting.

“Painting is the ultimate adventure. The euphoria I get from being fully engaged and present with tools and materials and jumping into the unknown… to play, experiment and discover something new and mysterious energizes me. The thought of sharing this journey and adventure with others who might see my painting in over 300 years is incredible and affirms my existence. That I (my painting and the feelings, thoughts and ideas it represents) will penetrate them and somehow change them.”- Boris Ostrerov

– Elizabeth Shields

¿Que te inspira? Presented by San Martín de Hidalgo.

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