Nick Cave Welcomes Us to Facility, His Multifunction Space in Chicago

Nick Cave: ‘When I realized that I was a messenger, that liberated me from everything.’

The Chicago-based artist on working from a place of purpose

In this episode of ‘Meet the artists’, Art Basel visits Nick Cave in his Chicago live-work and exhibition space. Named Facility, it serves as a cultural capsule, a place for the surrounding community to gather around art and respond to the world outside.

Although today he’s expanded his medium to work in bronze, Cave’s best-known pieces are his ‘Soundsuits’. These wearable artworks are assembled from thousands of small, commonplace objects, like buttons, twigs, and beads. When worn, they make sound – which reminded Cave of the role of protest and the power of being heard. However, the works also have another dimension: ‘I started to realize I was really hiding gender, race, class, forcing you to look at something without judgement,’ he says in the film. In the episode, Cave also considers his legacy and explores the meaning behind his latest bronze works.

Nick Cave is represented by Jack Shainman Gallery (New York).

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