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Politicians Walk the Walk, When It Comes to Financial Investments

For the most part, politicians do put their money where their mouths are. A recent study of U.S senators and representatives finds that the more liberal a politician’s voting record is, the more likely the politician is to invest in socially responsible stocks. “Socially responsible investments refer to investments in companies that reflect traditionally liberal...


Following Federal Guidelines May Help Acceptance of Police Use of Body-Worn Cameras

Thousands of police departments have adopted body-worn cameras over the last few years. Previous research on acceptance of the cameras has yielded mixed findings. A new study that examined how Tempe, Arizona, planned and carried out a body-worn camera program found that adhering to federal guidelines helped ensure integration and acceptance among police, citizens, and...


Holding Law Enforcement Accountable for Electronic Surveillance

When the FBI filed a court order in 2016 commanding Apple to unlock the San Bernandino shooter’s iPhone, the news made headlines across the globe. Yet every day there are tens tens of thousands of of other court orders asking tech companies to turn over Americans’ private data. Many of these orders never see the...


Twenty-Five Percent of Seafood Sold in Metro Vancouver Is Mislabelled

A quarter of the seafood tested from Metro Vancouver grocery stores, restaurants and sushi bars is not what you think it is. A new UBC study used DNA barcoding to determine that 70 of 281 seafood samples collected in Metro Vancouver between September 2017 and February 2018 were mislabelled. Researchers from UBC’s Lu Food Safety...


Trump Could Be Using Advanced Game Theory Negotiating Techniques – or He’s Hopelessly Adrift

The latest G-7 summit, held June 8 to 9 in Quebec, was one of the most contentious in years. That’s because Donald Trump and his counterparts from six other industrialized countries have been at loggerheads over the president’s aggressive but unstable trade policy. Trump’s renunciation of the Iran nuclear deal, his efforts to renegotiate NAFTA...


What Greek Tragedy Illuminates About James Comey

Once upon a time, there was a prominent, powerful man in government who cared deeply about integrity and following the rules. He said, “You cannot know a man completely, his character, his principles, sense of judgment, not till he’s shown his colors … Experience, there’s the test.” Leaders have a sacred obligation to those they...